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English Academy is the right fit for you. Whether you are a pupil, an adult, a teacher or a school, as an English knowledge centre we always offer you a suitable training course.

We offer courses for individuals but also for groups. Check out our homepage for all the possibilities.

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English is one of the most important languages in the world and it is increasingly used as operating language in companies and in education. An important reason to make sure you are able to speak and understand English sufficiently.

Many schools, colleges and universities use English as their main language of communication. They expect their students to have a good level of English, which is not always the case in all skills. Sometimes reading is easier than talking, or the other way around.

English Academy can support you in a focused way, matching you with the right teacher, who is experienced in your chosen area.

Do you enjoy learning English and would you like to improve yourself? Or do you need more guidance when it comes to learning English? English Academy thinks along with you to find the training course that suits you best.