English for children
7-18 years old

Does your child need some extra support when it comes to learning English? Or is he or she ready for some extra challenges? Look no further! We can offer your child the type of English lessons that will match his or her needs.

Learn English online

Individual training

Via our online "English Direct Support" programme you can communicate with a teacher all over the world and together you will work towards your goal, which you have agreed upon in advance. By speaking and listening you will definitely improve your English skills.

English Summer School

English during summer

Would you like to participate in an English Summer School at a nearby location? Of course you can! We organise a fun week for children aged 7 to 18 years old, with a program suitable for your age. Submerse yourself in the English language and make new friends!

kids club

English after school

Kids Club

Working on your English in an accessable way in groups, that is what Kids Club is all about. For pimary school children (from the age of 7).