Learning English for teachers
Primary Teacher Skills in Action

As a teacher you are flexible, because every school year is different. The English language is becoming more and more important and when you use this in the classroom it would be nice if you feel confident about your English. We offer you the course Primary Teacher Skills in Action to help you with your English proficiency and to make you feel more confident about your English skills. You will improve your English in 5 sessions together with other teachers from your school.

  • Learn as a student, Grow as a teacher
  • Course consists of individual and plenary components
  • Practical assigments to apply English in the classroom
  • Improve your English
  • Including Step To books
  • Including an English Academy reader

Strenghtening your team

Are you looking for the right English course for your team? Primary Teacher Skills in Action is our most popular English course! During 5 lessons of 2,5 hours each, teachers improve their English skills, talk about various educational subjects while having discussions in English, and they are given assignments and examples to use in their classroom.

Learn English for teachers
In this course

Learn as a student
Grow as a teacher
In groups
Improve your English on your own level
English classroom activities
Having discussions in English
Most popular course
High grading by participants

Pricing English course

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