English Academy summer schools offer a programme where students will take part in a variety of English enrichment activities. The goal of the summer school is to provide a fun and interactive environment for students to improve their English.

Students will complete both individual and group-based activities. The focus of this year’s summer schools will be on social interaction and speaking practice. The students in the higher learners group will be given a choice between two countries, England and Italy, to study and present a report on. The students will be given up-to-date information regarding, for example, local tourism, environmental concerns, the local economy and political news relevant to the country they selected. The students will then be asked to produce a presentation about a topic of their choice. On Wednesday we will take the Going International theme even further, Going Interstellar! The learners will watch a controversial documentary and then hold a debate where they will be given the opportunity to express themselves in a very lively and interactive manner. Once they have worked up an appetite they will be able to join the young learners for an English high tea.

Students are required to speak English for the duration of the summer school. The participation of international students helps us in achieving this goal.

CLICK on the link below for a pictorial overview of the summer school week programme for the Higher Levels Group