English Academy summer schools offer a programme where students will take part in a variety of English enrichment activities. The goal of the summer school is to provide a fun and interactive environment for students to improve their English. The focus of this year’s summer schools will be on social interaction and speaking practice.

Students in the middle group will participate in group and individual class-based activities, fun English games and a full day excursion on Wednesday! The middle group will be divided up into 2-4 teams (depending on the number of students at a particular location), each team will be allocated a country to learn about. The possible countries include: England, Slovenia, Spain and Italy. The teacher will have access to up-to-date and relevant information regarding, for example, tourist attractions, the history and geography of the country, popular sports, weather, and local celebrities. The students will use this information to complete tasks and activities.

Each day begins with a group activity related to the country assigned to the students group. This will be followed by a snack break and then some time to complete individual development work. It will then be time for lunch, which will signal the start of the afternoon programme. Each afternoon has been assigned a different activity. At the end of each day, the students will complete a daily video clip where they will speak about what they have done during the day, what fun activities they took part in, what they have enjoyed the most, new friends they have made or about anything else they would like to share. The aim is to build the students confidence and be able to show them how much they have improved over the week.

Students are strongly encouraged to speak English for the duration of the summer school. The participation of international students helps us in achieving this goal.

CLICK on the link below for a pictorial overview of the summer school week programme for the Middle Group

LessonPlan_middle group_March2018