The General Data Protection Regulation (AVG)

As an organization, we are required to adhere to the new European privacy legislation, commonly referred to as the AVG, which was implemented on 25 May 2018. AVG stands for General Data Protection Regulation.

We are working rigorously in order to meet these new regulations.

We are currently reviewing and updating the following procedures:

  • The way we collect and process data,
  • How we collect, assess and process agreements,
  • Adjusting our Privacy Policy.

The term ‘data’ refers to everything to do with personal information that we collect ourselves, as well as information acquired from third parties, such as software suppliers.

In order to meet the new AVG requirements:

  • We are developing new registration forms.
  • ICT is working on ensuring the security of existing software on both our servers and standalone devices.

This process will ensure that our organization provides sound information with regards to privacy protection, the rights and obligations of pupils, parents and employees, and about what the organization does to limit the risks related to privacy infringement. Within our organization we are implementing a new protocol to prevent any data breach. A data breach occurs when personal information falls into the wrong hands or is misplaced.