English Academy summer schools offer a programme where students will take part in a variety of English enrichment activities. The goal of the summer school is to provide a fun and interactive environment for students to improve their English. The focus of this year’s summer schools will be on social interaction and speaking practice.

The young learners group will participate in individual and group class-based activities, fun English games and will be tasked with creating a presentation for their parents. Each day of the summer school has been assigned an interesting country to focus on. These countries include England, Slovenia, Italy and Spain! The students will learn some interesting facts about each country, for example; the colours of the country’s flag, what foods and sports are popular in the country, famous tourist attractions, local celebrities, and will learn some fun songs and dances. Each day will begin with a group discussion and activity, followed by tea time. After tea time the learners will be given the opportunity to complete some individual work. Once this has been completed, the students will go for lunch and then take part in the afternoon programme.

This programme will be for every day except Wednesday. Wednesday is a special day! On Wednesday the young learners will start the day by playing a Hide & Seek game (to help them learn prepositions), later in the day they will watch a short film about London and complete an activity. Once all this hard work has been completed, the students will be treated to a real English High Tea!

Students are encouraged to speak English for the duration of the summer school. The participation of international students helps us in achieving this goal.

CLICK on the link below for a pictorial overview of the summer school week programme for the Young Learners Group